Brizo Team Building Programs

Brizo’s specially designed beachfront team-building programs are tailored to address the challenges encountered in today’s workplace. All resident team buildings are qualified by the Philippines' leading team building facilitation company Playworks Team Building.

Our facilitators are dedicated to creating a professional and high energy atmosphere in which participants get acquainted, work together, and have fun while covering topics such as: effective communication, collective problem solving, conflict resolution, and efficient resource management, among others.

Make your team building count this year!  Only our resident team of facilitators can truly maximize Bataan’s beautiful beaches to create an impactful, long-lasting effect on your team’s spirit, unity, and loyalty.

Pricing Tier (per head)          Activities                                               Length

PHP 2200                                Beach Race + Oceanfront Olympics      2 days

PHP 1500 *Best Value            The Amazing Beach Race                      1 day

PHP 1000                                Oceanfront Olympics                              1 day

All packages include:

  • Professional Facilitators
  • Game Marshals
  • Schedule of Activities
  • Communication Combat Challenge and Ice Breaker Activities
  • Processing and Debriefing

For Team Building Inquiries, Contact our Events Coordinators Directly:

G: 0962-284-8653
G: 0927-438-7388

Team Building, make it Bataantastic!  Playworks

Team Building Events at Brizo

The Amazing Beach Race

Game Objectives: Best for large groups.  An intense, unconventional experience to encourage trust, camaraderie, and team spirit.  Also promotes creativity and the ability to deliver results while under time pressure.

Want to challenge your team to the MAX?  Teams must find a series of checkpoints around the 2.7-hectare resort and successfully complete each task that awaits them. This is an exhilarating race that will take participants on a journey around the beach while protecting their flag, deciphering clues, tackling unusual team tasks, and pushing themselves to the limit.

Oceanfront Olympics

Game Objectives: Allows teams to define member roles, learn to work together through success and hardship, and instills a sense of individual purpose.

This is a series of competitive outdoor events that has teams competing against each other through a series of our sport challenges including the kayak race, beach volleyball, outdoor basketball, & our obstacle course.

Pirate’s Treasure Trail

Game Objectives: Leadership training for managers. Visible and physical way of showing that team members are interdependent on their leaders.

Adventure-based team challenge that builds confidence, cooperation and teamwork between employees and their managers. Teams are blindfolded and challenged to complete a trail led by their team leads to eventually find the Pirate’s Treasure.

Communication Combat Challenge

Game Objective: This action-based learning can take place indoors or on the beach and requires cooperation, trust, leadership and innovative problem solving.

Through the use of various hands-on activities this program will identify the diverse roles of the group, strengths of team members, and the effectiveness of their communication patterns.